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Måndag den 14 oktober 2019



Hantverksgatan 26, Halmstad

Måndag - Torsdag 12:00-20:00
Fredag 12:00-22:00
Lördag 12:00-20:00

Avvikande tider:
2019-11-02 12:00-16:00

Du hittar oss på flertalet spelkonvent och liknande arrangemang i södra sverige, där vi utöver försäljning även erbjuder demonstrationer på utvalda produkter samt hittar på kringarrangemang.

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Artikelnummer: SJG1408
Språk/Regler: Engelska
Lagerstatus:  Finns i lager Finns i lager
Artikeln finns i lager (4 i lager).

Uppskattad leveranstid: 1-3 dagar.
4 i lager
Leveranstid: 1-3 dagar

Go down in the dungeon. Kill everything you meet. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. Grab the treasure and run.

Admit it. You love it.

This award-winning card game, designed by Steve Jackson, captures the essence of the dungeon experience . . . with none of that stupid roleplaying stuff. You and your friends compete to kill monsters and grab magic items. And what magic items! Don the Horny Helmet and the Boots of Butt-Kicking. Wield the Staff of Napalm . . . or maybe the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment. Start by slaughtering the Potted Plant and the Drooling Slime, and work your way up to the Plutonium Dragon . . .

And it's illustrated by John Kovalic! Fast-playing and silly, Munchkin can reduce any roleplaying group to hysteria. And, while they're laughing, you can steal their stuff.


Pris: 239 kr

  • Sällskapsspel / Kortspel / Munchkin

  • Steve Jackson Games

  • Expansioner:

    Munchkin 2 - Unnatural Axe

    You demanded it, and here it is. Created by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic . . . 112 more cards for the game of killing monsters and taking their stuff. Play a new race: Orcs! Face foes like the Hydrant and the ...


    Munchkin 3 - Clerical Errors

    You wanted more Munchkin, so here it is! Created by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic . . . Munchkin 3 - Clerical Errors has 112 more cards for the best-selling game of killing monsters and taking their stuff. Play...


    Munchkin 4 - The Need for Steed

    Munchkin 4: The Need for Steed is the latest expansion for the original Munchkin - 112 more John Kovalic-illustrated cards for killing monsters, stealing treasure, and backstabbing your fellow players. This set introduces Stee...


    Munchkin 5 - De-Ranged

    More of the twisted humor of Steve Jackson and John Kovalic in a 112-card supplement for Munchkin!

    De-Ranged has everything you love about Munchkin, including:

  • A new Class! Rangers can tame monsters and ride them! ...

  • Munchkin 6 - Demented Dungeons

    Now It's Really A Dungeon Crawl!
    Munchkin is about kicking down doors, killing monsters, and stealing their treasure. But where are the dank walls of the subterranean labyrinth where our heroes engage in their murderous explo...


    Munchkin 7 - Cheat With Both Hands

    Stir Things Up!
    Admit it. You really like to combine all your Munchkin sets . . . the stupider things get, the better. Playing Star Munchkin Cthulhu Booty Zombies is really weird and really fun . . . but it can also sl...


    Munchkin 7 - More good cards

    A munchkin can never have enough good cards . . . so we bring you . . . More Good Cards!

    In this small but mighty expansion, you'll find the cards that you, yes, YOU, asked for in our online survey.

    More Wandering Monste...


    Munchkin 8 - Half Horse, Will Travel

    Munchkin fans have been demanding new Races - Munchkin 8: Half Horse, Will Travel introduces two of them: Centaurs and Lizard Guys! Plus, you'll find new Race and Class Enhancers - you can be Elite, Legendary, or Elder! Go for...


    Munchkin Undead

    The Monsters are Back . . . From the Dead!

    It just doesn't feel like a dungeon worth exploring without hordes of undead! Munchkin Undead adds 15 new monsters, curses and items all dealing with the formerly liv...



    Level Cou...

    125 kr

    Tillfälligt slut

    Level Counter

    Every true Munchkin deserves his own level counter. Here it is!

    The Super Munchkin with his chainsaw stands atop a metal disc showing levels 1 through 10. And if you want to play to epic levels . . . or if you're playing So...

    Wicked Mu...

    49 kr

    Tillfälligt slut

    Wicked Munchkin Die

    Buy a second die – get an extra level for your Munchkin!

    Crafted specially for use in the famous MUNCHKIN game by Steve Jackson Games – these dice are really, really… wicked! A large D10 decorated with drawings by John Kova...

    56x87mm -...

    25 kr

    56x87mm - Standard USA Card Sleeves - Premium (50 st)

    • Thickness: 90 microns.
    • Protection level: Indestructible!
    • Great for the serious collector or gaming enthusiast with serious protection in mind.

    These expertly crafted card sleeves fit so well that you can fit the car...

    56x87mm -...

    25 kr

    56x87mm - Standard USA Card Sleeves (100 st)

    • Thickness: 40 microns.
    • Protection level: Can't touch this!
    • Perfect for the casual budget-minded gamer, or even for the serious gamer who prefers a slightly thinner sleeve.

    These expertly crafted card sleeves fit so ...

    56x87mm -...

    35 kr

    56x87mm - Standard American Board Game Sleeves (50 st)

    Ultra clear, archival-grade sleeves for board game cards with Ultra PRO's hologram quality seal. Protects and extends the life of board game cards. 50-count packs. Fits games such as Munchkins and Fluxx.